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Get Dentures fitted the same day!

Same-day dentures are the best option when you need dentures immediately, whether it’s for cosmetic reasons or other important ones. They are also known as Immediate Dentures or Surgical Dentures because they are fabricated before your natural teeth are removed. When your natural teeth are still present, impressions of your mouth will be taken so that your denturist can prepare matching dentures for you.

These dentures are temporary, but they have many advantages. They will eventually be replaced with more permanent fittings like Implant-supported Dentures. They are useful for immediate needs. They can help you establish early eating and speaking patterns. You’ll never have to eat anything without teeth. We can also duplicate your teeth’s shape, color, and pattern, as some of them may still be in your mouth.

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Immediate dentures: Benefits and Advantages

You can enjoy the following benefits once you have immediate dentures:


The denture acts as a Band Aid to protect tissue and reduce bleeding.


The healing process does not require patients to be embarrassed by the lack of teeth.


Immediate dentures shield your gum ridges against trauma and debris.


If desired, we can easily recreate the look of your natural teeth.


Immediate dentures provide better nutrition and chewing during the healing process.

Are Immediate Dentures Right for You?

Immediate dentures are a good option if your natural teeth need to be extracted due to poor health. You may decide to have immediate dentures placed after consulting with your denturist as well as your dentist. You can wear these dentures right away after extraction, as the name implies.

Your denturist may suggest two options depending on the severity of your condition. Complete immediate dentures cover your entire mouth and are a temporary solution to replace all of your missing teeth. Partial dentures can be used to replace one or more teeth if you still have a few natural teeth.

Don’t worry if you need some help choosing the right denture for you. Our friendly staff will help you select the best dentures for you.

Post Immediate Denture Care

Although immediate dentures can be inserted on the same day, follow-up treatments are required.

After your extractions, you must wait 24 hours before removing your dentures. After you’ve seen your denturist to get a post-operative evaluation, you can take out your dentures. Clean them with soapy water using the denture brush provided. You are also advised to regularly rinse your mouth with warm, salty water. This will help to speed up the healing process.

You can start with soft foods and then gradually move on to more firm foods when you are comfortable. Healing varies depending on the dental and oral health of each individual.

As your gums begin to heal in the months that follow your extractions, your denture may be relined using a temporary material. This will improve its fit and functionality. After your tissues have healed completely (usually 6 months after your extractions), you will need to reline your denture with a permanent material.

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