Dentures Over Implants

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Implant-retained Dentures

This is a hybrid between dentures, which may need adhesives to stay in place, and permanent implanted teeth. Implant-supported Dentures rely on implants to hold their position within the mouth. They can be made with clips at the bottom, which attach to posts implanted in the jaw.

Can I get implant-retained dentures?

This type of dentures may be a great option for you. You need to be in good health and have healthy jawbones to get dentures supported by implants. You must be in good health to recover from the surgery and have healthy gums. The jawbone is also needed to support the implant. Call us if you have any questions regarding whether implanted dentures will work for you. We are happy to assist you.

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The Process

Implant locators are used to attach and hold this type of denture in place. They are the pieces that hold the dentures into position. Before the dentures can be fabricated, a dentist must first place the implants. We’ll need to determine the patient’s bone, gum tissue, and spacing using x-rays or impressions of their teeth and mouth. After the implants are placed, it will take the bone three to six months on average to heal. Dentures can then be fitted to the implants after the implants have healed. In the mean time Immediate Dentures may be needed.

Implant-supported Dentures – Benefits and Advantages

You may want to consider implant-supported dentures.


They are a close alternative to natural teeth.


Dentures attached to implants in the jawbone will strengthen it. To remain strong, the jawbone needs constant stimulation. Implant dentures stimulate the jawbone to keep it strong.


Dentures may slip, shift or move over time. Implant dentures solve this problem, as they are attached firmly to the implants.


You can get rid of the pain that comes with poorly fitting dentures. Implant dentures provide the durability needed to allow you to eat your favorite foods without difficulty.


A natural appearance: Implant dentures look more natural and the function of teeth will be more organic once you have them. You will smile with confidence again.


You can attach your denture using a ball, locator, or bar. You may prefer one over the other depending on your mouth structure.


You may be surprised at how affordable they are.

What is the Difference Between Implant-Supported Dentures & Implant-Retained Dentures?

Both implant-supported dentures as well as dentures retained by implants are unique methods to keep dentures stable in the mouth. These two methods are very popular because they provide great comfort, functionality, and a good look.

Implant-retained Dentures are supported by dental implants as well as your gums. Implant-retained dentures are more cost-effective as they use fewer implants. The dentures can be removed and must be maintained to prevent them from becoming cracked or chipped. Implant-retained Dentures are available for both upper and lower arches, but they tend to be more popular for the lower arch as it needs more stability. Patients who want a quick and easy procedure, don’t mind dietary restrictions and are looking for something that will last a long while can benefit from an implant-retained dental prosthesis.

Implant-supported Dentures can be a great option for patients looking for a more secure denture. Implant-supported dentures usually have four or more implants in order to give a stronger bite. They are supported fully by the implants but the need for additional implants makes this treatment more expensive. Both types of dentures need a strong bone into which the implants can be placed. These dentures are usually made from a custom-made acrylic arch with artificial teeth that can be removed and screwed in place. The cost of this procedure varies depending on the patient.

Not all patients are eligible for implant-retained or implant-supported dental prostheses. They require a sturdy and strong jawbone for the implant. If you’re interested in implant-retained dental prostheses, it is best to call our office so we can assess your oral health and determine if you qualify for the procedure.

Are implant-retained dentures right for you?

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